Fire Doors & The Golden Thread

At FAME Services, we are committed to ensuring that our BM Trada Q-Mark-installed fire doors comply with the Golden Thread for today’s Built Environment.


To this end, FAME Services have developed our own live and secure web-based database to store all the relevant doorset and component fire-test/certificates and manufacturers guidance relating to any specific install.


Using our supplied QR Codes and NFC Tags, clients and future stakeholders can access all relevant documentation pertaining to one of our doorsets,

enabling them to:


🔥 Evidence Compliance

🔥 Inform Users, responsible persons, and other Stakeholders

🔥 Maintain and Repair doors without affecting performance or certification


If you want an installer who is at the forefront of ensuring your Fire Door Installations are compliant with today’s most rigorous third-party accreditations, and changes to legislation. get in touch with the FAME team.


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