Are your fire doors up to scratch?

As with any similar life-saving product, a fire door should be regularly checked to ensure it functions properly and is always ready to perform as intended in an emergency.


Recent events and legislation have placed a greater onus on Responsible and Accountable Persons and other duty-holders to check fire doors regularly. Checks may be required every 3-6 months depending on the building use and design  but can extend to monthly or even weekly in the case of high-traffic areas, or where more damage and/or wear is likely.


The good news is, that it’s not that difficult to examine your fire doors to make sure they are in good operational condition.  Look at the 5-step guidance below which highlights some of the key areas to check. These simple steps are not comprehensive, but they do cover the key issues that often compromise performance.


A recent survey by the BWF found that 61% of fire doors had smoke seals damaged, missing, or installed incorrectly; 33% had incorrect signage, and more than 34% had excessive gaps.


Make sure you check your fire doors regularly and take action if they are found wanting.


Fame Services is committed to improving Fire Safety standards.


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