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Our Latest Case Studies

Case Study Name: Drone use

Case study - Drones

Case Study Details :

FAME Services has clients throughout the UK wanting accurate information on the condition of their properties roofing.

It is hardly surprising that the norm for most is that roof surveys will only take place, if there has been a problem: A loose tile; a leak; a stained ceiling tile; evidence of a damp smell.

As a facilities management company we have been used to using two staff, who are working at height trained, and ladder trained, to access roofs to survey their state for the client. Sometimes, due to the layout or height of the roof, powered access equipment must be utilised. This is obviously a costly business and one which may or may not identify the source of the problem.

FAME Services has introduced a new Drone Survey service.

Drone surveys are a fantastic way to survey almost any roof area. They provide a safer option to access and investigate situations that would otherwise require multiple trained personnel, and expensive access equipment.  They are particularly useful for pitched roofing, asbestos scenarios, slated and tiled roofing etc., without the surveyor having step foot on the roof.

FAME Services have carefully selected the equipment to allow maximum flexibility and high resolution imagery to ensure that we can identify and record findings quickly and accurately, facilitating detailed and effective analysis and corrective action solutions.

Safety and compliance were also key aspects when selecting the right equipment. The drone’s weight – critical to licence categorisation, safety features, which include collision avoidance, and safe return facility make for a highly competent and reliable solution.

Our drone services are fully insured and we are registered with an operator ID from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Our pilots are fully trained, registered fliers with CAA qualifications, and can be supported by trained ground crew when required.

In bringing this capability into the FAME Services portfolio, we have opened up a whole new world of features we can offer our clients.

The concept was initially thought of to help us with roof surveys, which it does, but we have discovered that clients also want property surveys to show scale from height. Estate agents love the footage provided by a drone. Especially agents with a particularly prestigious property to market. Also, we have opened up the services of:

  • Cable / Utility Services location. 
  • Estate management.
  • Inspection of hard to locate or difficult to reach aspects.
  • Detailed video footage of access routes to properties in order to plan vehicle usage.
  • The quality of the camera stills enables high resolution photographs of monuments, architectural pieces, walls, fences etc.
  • Detailed aerial imagery is useful for site planning, promotional material for all kinds of projects.

If you require any assistance please contact FAME Services.

Case Study Name: Wienerberger Denton

Case study - Training Room

Case Study Details :

This is not the first project we have tackled for our client Wienerberger.  Having demonstrated our capability at their roof tile plant in Sandtoft and having delivered a number of successful projects including canteen and washroom refurbishments and UPVC window frame spraying, FAME Services were the preferred supplier for requirements at other Wienerberger sites.

When the Plant Manager at the Denton Brickworks needed a training room, he turned to FAME Services, having been impressed by the quality of the work performed at Sandtoft, and knowing that our approach to Health & Safety is in line with their own high standards. 

Wienerberger is the UK’s leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations.  

As such, they uphold the highest standards in health & safety at all of their facilities and contractors are expected to attain the same standards and undertake a rigorous approval process and induction process to be allowed on site.

The project involved turning an old storage room into a first-class training facility.

The location itself was challenging, being in the heart of a live production environment where there is a lot of expensive and potentially hazardous machinery, albeit under strict control and safeguarding.

The storage room itself was in a poor state, lacked lighting and ventilation. A substantial makeover to convert the room into a suitable and effective training facility was required.

FAME Services proposal to install a large a new window overlooking the works which would take advantage of the elevated view over the impressive factory, was seen as a game changer by the client. The feature would be a window of inspiration for candidates undertaking their training.  The trainer, whilst speaking with students, could refer to areas within the factory that were part of the training subject matter. Although this was a nice feature, the reality of cutting a sizable aperture and then lifting the double-glazed unit into place would be a challenge in a live production environment. The glass alone weighed around 120Kilos.

FAME Services pride ourselves on our health & Safety focus and invest in systems, processes and training to maintain the highest standards.  This allowed us to quickly fulfill Weinerberger’s stringent requirements and attain approved supplier status.

Our people training and effective live communication and education channels ensured that our operatives were quickly inducted at site and passed the location specific testing.

FAME Services were keen to mitigate some of the existing barriers to delivering success and incorporated a number of features during the 3d modelling and design phase. 

Walls would be cladded floor to ceiling with a sanitary and easy-to-clean gloss acrylic boards.  This offered an immediate impact, covering bare brick walls and provided a quality maintainable finish.

A ventilation system was identified that provided a positive feed of clean air into the training room. This feature had to be incorporated otherwise the students would have been breathing the same air as that in the manufacturing area of the factory. FAME Services researched this application and identified the product to suit the environmental constraints.

Full plans and visuals of the concept were sent to Wienerberger for approval.

The feedback was, “Wow! If it looks half as good as that I would be happy!”

FAME operatives engaged with site personnel to create a safe working environment.  PASMA trained operators erected a portable tower to cut the window aperture and collaborated with local engineers to develop a lift plan for the heavy glazing unit.

A site project board was installed, with plans, 3D imagery, essential safety documentation including RAMS and Construction Phase plans, together with project Gantt charts outlining the work schedule and key milestones. 

Ventilation whilst undertaking the strip-down was of particular concern.  FAME operatives were equipped with full battery power assisted respiratory helmets to ensure adequate protection.

While taking the ceiling down, it became clear that the timber framework was not entirely secure and ceiling timbers were warped and badly positioned.  The plan was quickly adapted to replace the timbers, board and plaster the ceiling in consultation with the client.

The project was finished with the clients specified flooring system and vinyl brand decals applied to the wall cladding. All in the clients corporate colours and design.

Case Study Name: Creativity

Case Study - Creativity

Case Study Details :

The desire to do something different, to be cutting edge, to be at the forefront of our industry is where FAME Services tries to be. For this company to achieve those heights we have had to ensure all our staff have the liberty and freedom to be creative in their roles. 

It is very hard for a company to move away from just doing what comes through the door. If we just sit there and react to what orders come through our door, in a very short time, we will not be able to sit no longer, due to the company not being in existence. It has always been a thought of mine to show leadership and direction by giving people the environment in which they can flourish as individuals. How to implement that has not always been straightforward.

FAME Services has a team ethic. There is an obvious management structure, which we must maintain, just like any other company. What we try to implement in addition to that is a shared responsibility culture. The team leaders are involved in discussing other people’s areas of responsibility. They are allowed to make comment. They bring their thoughts and ideas to the fore and on many occasions, things stay as they are, and we don’t make any alterations to what we already have. But on the odd occasion, a glimmer of light appears when we all have the same
though, ‘why didn’t I think of that’?

Each week we hold a management meeting. That meeting is attended by representatives from Health and Safety / Finance / Operations / Projects / Business Relations / and the managing director. Everyone hears what is happening in the business. Everyone plays a part in the decision-making processes. Everyone learns from each other and develops their own skills and abilities, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Please note however, this is not a ‘top down’ culture that is being created. Staff at all levels are involved in company issues. At times, staff from the administration department will attend the meeting to hear what is taking place. At other times staff from our operational teams will attend the meetings and be involved in the discussions and their opinions included in the decision-making process.

At FAME Services, we believe that to create and uphold our team ethic, to make it real, not just a corporate statement, we want to involve all staff, in as many opportunities as possible to provide their point of view. The company meeting held at a local business meeting room, in a nice environment was a direct cost to the business yes. In taking the time to hold the meeting could be viewed as conflicting with our clients’ needs. But in relation to the question as to whether it was beneficial to the company and ultimately our clients, it was a resounding ‘yes’!

From our experience, it has been our best decision yet, to involve people at all levels, as many times as possible, to achieve greater diversity of thinking, producing greater and wider opportunities, increased productivity, all due to of our policy of inclusion and the overall sense of positivity which, when you think about it, has only emanated from – involving our people!

If FAME Services can assist you and your team, please feel free to contact us.

Case Study Name: Carbon Case

Case Study - Environment (1)

Case Study Details :

The threat of climate change is undeniable, and responsible commercial and industrial stakeholders have never been more vocal and determined to combat this threat. 

Over the last decade FAME Services, our clients, and partners have been on a journey to understand how our activities affect the environment and what measures we can instigate to reduce our impact and deliver truly sustainable growth.

FAME Services, working together with our very progressive and influential client base, is now committed to a delivering a Zero Carbon solution, and to affecting real change within our sector, demonstrating Leadership in realising a sustainable future for all. 

There has been a lot of confusion and a general lack of quality information to support those who want to make an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Only relatively recently has there been a marked improvement in the availability of information, knowledge and expertise, as well as more clearly defined government direction in this area.

There is still an underlying myth that being environmentally proactive is expensive and adds to overall cost. At the current time, in particular, and after a global pandemic, rising inflation and impending recession, markets are sensitive to any rise in cost. In reality, if managed effectively, carbon reduction action can reduce costs.

At the same time there can be an initial investment that needs to be made to realise ongoing sustainability. This can be difficult for SMEs to commit to when not all of their competitors are so willing to invest, and pricing is still the major differentiator to remaining competitive in this marketplace.

Developing technology and science to drive sustainability has been challenging. However significant progress and momentum has meant that new and innovative solutions are rapidly evolving.

Finally, it is our society, our customers, our employees that expect and demand more from companies to improve our environment and be responsible, and accountable for the impact of their activities. This is why FAME Services is committed to this aim.

FAME has taken a fresh look at our existing Environmental Policy in the context of the above and have completely overhauled our outlook and approach to this issue.

We researched current and potential future opportunity to become Carbon Neutral and have determined that this is a genuine possibility, and that by following the path we have implemented, FAME Services will arrive at this milestone sooner that we thought possible.

This plan is embedded and mutually effective in our evolving Social Values Policy.

The first step in our plan was to understand the current scale of our impact on the environment, what the key drivers, are and how they contribute to emissions.

We teamed-up with Carbon Footprint, the Home of Carbon Footprinting to calculate our current emissions and the challenge we faced.

Being formally Carbon Assessed means that FAME now has a benchmark and framework to measure and target Carbon Reduction.

This knowledge has allowed FAME to better understand the ways that we can reduce Carbon resulting in a multi-faceted strategy and a series of Pledges that form the backbone towards delivering ongoing improvement on this issue. These pledges include a promise to offset our Carbon footprint and move to a fully electric van fleet within the next 5 years.

Our target is to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030 and from 2023 until this time, offset our current emissions via local and global projects providing emissions savings in important areas that improve our environment, our communities and our health.

Case Study Name: VPS Nottingham

Case Study - VPS

Case Study Details :

An existing client was scheduled to move into their new industrial unit as part of their expansion programme. They approached FAME Services to help them with installation of office and washroom facilities. The new warehouse had nothing in it, so all aspects of the design had to start from scratch. The warehouse required lighting and emergency lighting. The office buildings needed lighting and power services. Everything needed had to be designed and constructed.

There were lots of positives aligned to this project: First and foremost, to us, was the confidence our client in our abilities to achieve their goals. Secondly, the warehouse was literally a blank canvass. The unit had been built with the services entering the building. That was it. The client had a concept of what they required but left the design to FAME Services. The only other client party we had to work with in our design process was the industrial racking installer. The offices and washroom had to be constructed with their requirements in mind.

3D imagery of the building was taken by FAME Services staff. This allowed for accurate designs to be created. The iPad Pro came in useful for this process. From that information, a rendered design was created. FAME Services believes that the client should be given as much information as possible throughout the consultation process. Capturing the 3D imagery allowed us to create, consult and communicate with our client on all aspects of the project. The imagery had the secondary benefit in allowing the client to see, visually what was proposed and what they were paying for; they knew at the outset what was involved and had confidence that that was going to be achieved. In addition, a 3D video of the office was created, which allowed the future office user to ‘virtually’ walk into their new office and put things where they wanted. The third benefit was that once the design had been signed off, the final version could be utilised as the construction plan. Engineers could see, visually, what it was they were making and how it should appear upon conclusion. Furthermore, a plan of the building was supplied to our lighting consultants. They developed a lighting plan which would allow for sufficient lighting to be achieved in the aisles in between the 4-metre-high industrial racking systems. An emergency lighting design was also incorporated into this plan in accordance with BS 5266-1.

By using the 3D rendered imagery and the lighting design plan, our engineers, were able to utilise their specialist trade and training skills to use motorised access equipment etc. to complete the works. RAMS were create through our in-house Health and Safety software system Work Wallet. CDM Regulations were adhered to, and all accreditations, CHAS and Construction Line requirements were complied with. To provide an improved finish to the offices we installed a charcoal grey cladding to front facing walls. We used the trim on this cladding to incorporate our clients’ corporate colours. This was an added feature that our client was highly delighted with. Call FAME Services with your requirements!

Case Study Name: Clumber Park

Case Study Clumber Park - Case Study

Case Study Details :

In 2021 we were approached by Clumber Park Cricket Club (CCC) situated in the heart of Clumber Park, North Nottinghamshire. They wanted help in renovating their practice ground club house and changing rooms. The building was of a wooden structure and the specification given was that the repair needed to ensure the integrity of the building for a further 7 years.

The wooden flooring at the entrances to the home team and away team changing rooms was totally rotten. A stormy night in December 2021 blew the doors off the canteen causing severe damage to one of the doors. These doors were of a wooden construction and had already endured many years of the weather, so the damage was significant. FAME Services strengthened the wooden frame which allowed the doors to be used going forward. The structure of the canteen building was also of great concern. After surveying the structure, it was identified that the walls which were of an interlocking design, were in real danger of collapsing. The felt roof to the changing rooms had also been damaged, the majority of it having been ripped off the roof.

FAME Services strengthened the walls by using heavy duty timbers and coach bolts to pull the walls back up to a vertical position. The old roof felt was totally removed and a new Glass Fibre (GRP) roof was installed. Each structural repair was boxed in using 18mm external ply.

After choosing the correct paint, the colour of which not only suited the location, but also provided a 10-year guarantee of wood protection. FAME Services wanted to be involved in this project. We have as a core value a sense of team, which we know the volunteers and team members also work towards at CCC. Our joint ambition to work together has produced an uplifting, energising, stimulating setting for all age teams who use the facility.

Not only have we all enjoyed working in such a beautiful location, but we have had the privilege of adding a decades more service to a building that helps this local community. FAME Services thanks CCC for contacting us in the first instance. It has been an honour! Some members even said Wow when they first saw it. This meant a lot to us, and we have really appreciated the customer feedback. It is always great to see the response from a client who is happy with our works.

Case Study Name: Fire Escape

Fire Stairs

Case Study Details :

Our client approached us to refurbish their external fire escape which had become in a state of disrepair. The fire escape extended to three storeys and was a substantial steel structure.

The steel structure had not been maintained over a good number of years and when our client took ownership of the premises, they had it inspected by an independent fire risk assessor who found several areas that could cause risk to anyone using the staircase. The metal had corroded at each platform staging level, the rust being to such an extent that it had become a trip hazard. The nose edgings were worn and had not been highlighted so that they too were a trip hazard. The whole structure had rust defects throughout. The emergency lighting was ineffective in that it did not comply with BS 5266-1:2016.

FAME Services surveyed the structure and recommended a total strip down of the staircase. The paint needed to be renewed. The side safety panels were made of pvc stiro board and was not fit for purpose; they also needed to be removed and replaced. The staging levels needed to have anti slip grit applied to improve traction and grip. The nose edgings needed renewing to a high visibility anti slip strip. The emergency lighting needed to be comprised of weatherproof units and provide enough light to comply with regulations.

To complete the project, a survey of the site was required by a specialist access equipment assessor to deal with the accessing the underside of the roof section. The correct equipment was chosen and our staff, who are IPAF trained used the equipment competently, after issuing RAMS to the clients on site Health and Safety manager. The paint work was rubbed down using steel brush heads on a grinding wheel or drill. Red oxide paint was applied as a base coat and allowed to dry. The topcoat, an industrial cladding paint, was matched to the red oxide colour that the client wanted. When this topcoat was applied the whole structure looked brand new. FAME Services took consultation from a steel supplier in relation to the strength of steel sheeting required for the side panelling and was recommended T6 aluminium plate 3mm thick. This material was very strong and would provide longevity due to it not corroding. On installing these panel, ours engineers used plastic washers on the coach bolts to prevent galvanic corrosion.

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