FAME Services introduces CRAMS


CRAMS is a cloud-based software solution designed to support

organisations in completing site, people, and task-specific

documentation in a responsive real-time environment.


Maintaining the highest standards of Health and Safety takes time,

and effort and its important to have the right tools to facilitate,

manage and evidence this.


CRAMS is a dynamic, live environment that connects our people and

empowers them with the best information and training delivered to

the right people at the right time.


It is more than an intelligent risk assessment and method statement

repository, it is a complete health and safety management system

that enhances health & safety communication within our business.


FAME Services believes in delivering the very highest standards of

health and safety, both for our customers and our employees.

That’s why, when it comes to protecting your business and having

a partner you can trust, FAME Services should always be at the top

of your list!

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